TGV SRAAC (Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies and Allied Chemicals Ltd.), Kurnool has achieved water conservation and ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) objectives with Unique, disruptive, sustainable “SCALEBAN” technology without implementing costly conventional technologies.

Background of TGV SRAAC:

TGV SRAAC LIMITED (formerly Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies and Allied Chemicals Ltd.) is the flagship company of the TGV Group. It is the leading producer of Chlor-Alkali products and also manufactures Castor Derivatives and Fatty Acids.

Challenges for TGV SRAAC:

Total wastewater generation at TGV SRAAC is approx. 3500m3/day (CT blowdown, Utility rejects & Process wastewater) which is being treated throughwastewater RO. Approx. 450-500m3/day RO reject is being generated havingTDS of 25000ppm to 30000ppm was to be treated to achieve ZLD. HighCAPEX and OPEX of MEE (Evaporator) was the serious concern for TGV SRAACbesides their operational difficulties on a regular basis to treat their 450-500m3/day RO reject.

TGV SRAAC Approach:

TGV SRAAC came across ‘SCALEBAN’ Technology through their industrial references/interactions with our existing clients like Aditya Birla Group in Thailand. After verifying the performance of “SCALEBAN” Technology with our clients in India & abroad, In the 1st Phase, TGV SRAAC awarded contract to implement ‘SCALEBAN’ technology at their 500TPD Caustic Soda Evaporation plant cooling tower to utilize their 250m3/day Final RO reject in cooling tower in place of fresh water at high COC for optimizing water conservation and ZLD objectives on a sustainable basis.

After its successful implementation at 500 TPD caustic soda Evaporation plant cooling tower TGV SRAAC LTD. awarded repeat order for their 200 TPD caustic soda Evaporation plant cooling tower to use balance quantity of RO reject250m3/day to optimize ZLD objective on a sustainable basis.

With the implementation of “SCALEBAN” technology at 500TPD & 200TPDcaustic soda Evaporation plant cooling tower, we will use entire 500m3/day RO reject as makeup to cooling tower at high COC.
We will give only 60m3 concentrated blowdown having 2,00,000ppm TDS from both the cooling towers which will be handled separately.

Achievements of the “SCALEBAN” Project:

  • Achieved water conservation and ZLD objectives on a sustainable basis.
  • Saving in high CAPEX of MEE (Evaporator).
  • Saving in high OPEX of MEE (Evaporator).
  • 100% saving of fresh water consumption in cooling towers.
  • Completed project in 6-8 weeks time.
  • Considerable reduction in Carbon footprint.
  • High COC operations of the cooling tower.
  • Substantial reduction in cooling tower blowdown quantity.
  • Zero scale, corrosion & biofouling free operation of the condensers/coolers.
  • By implementing Scaleban technology TGV contributed in achieving UNsustainable development goal no. 6,7,13,14

Details of 500TPD Caustic Soda Evaporationplant Cooling Tower

Parameters of makeup and circulation of 500TPD Evaporation Plant Cooling Tower

"SCALEBAN" Installation

We are thankful to TGV SRAAC team for implementing ‘SCALEBAN’ Technology for achieving water conservation and ZLD system on a sustainable basis.