United Phosphorus Ltd. (UPL) is a leading global producer of crop protection products, specialty chemicals and other industrial chemicals. UPL operates in every continent with offices in 23 countries and customers in 86 countries.

UPL’s approach towards environmental protection has always been proactive and they strongly believe in ensuring harmony with the society and environment.

Problems Faced by UPL:

UPL had made it mandatory for most of their units to achieve ZLD objectives & water conservation by means of various available conventional technologies. In order to achieve ZLD objectives, the units had to make in house arrangements of effluent recycling with conventional technologies which were very costly to operate besides high CO2 emission. Under the given circumstances, they were looking for a techno-economically viable solution to achieve the above objective.


Looking at the benefits of Scaleban technology, UPL decided to install Scaleban equipment at their 125TR YORK chiller condenser cooling tower at Unit I – Ankleshwar (Phase – 1) wherein, process effluent having 20,000 PPM TDS, 4,000 PPM chloride, 10,000 PPM sulphate etc. was utilized as make up in place of fresh water. After due observation & evaluation, a designated committee of technical experts declared this project as successful. Below is the copy of MOM for ready reference:

Parameters of wastewater (Makeup) / cooling tower Recirculation water

125TR Chiller Condenser Copper Tube Condition WITH high TDS operation of Cooling Tower

Post the success of this trial, UPL management has implemented Scaleban technology at different plants for OPTIMIZING THEIR WATER CONSERVATION & ZLD OBJECTIVES ON A COST EFFECTIVE BASIS

"SCALEBAN" Installation

UPL management appreciated Scaleban technology in the UPL Sustainability Report published during the year 2016-17, 2017–18, 2018–19, 2019–20, 2020–21, 2021–22

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ZLD Technology

We are thankful to UPL group for implementing ‘SCALEBAN’ Technology