Zero liquid Discharge

From wastewater to pure water: ZLD’s journey to environmental sustainability

In today’s world, where environmental sustainability is paramount, finding innovative solutions to address pollution and resource conservation has become a global imperative. Taking care of the environment is very important, it’s a must to come up with new and smart ideas to deal with pollution and save valuable resources. One exciting idea that is getting a lot of attention is “Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)”. ZLD is a super innovative way to clean up wastewater. It doesn’t just help us get rid of pollution, but it also helps us get back valuable stuff from the water. This blog is like a trip that will show you how ZLD changes dirty water into clean water and why it’s so good for the environment.

The Wastewater Challenge

Wastewater has been a major environmental concern, contributing to water pollution and resource wastage. Traditional wastewater treatment methods, though effective to some extent, are often unable to cope with the increasingly complex and contaminated wastewater produced by industries.This challenge led to the search for a lasting answer, leading to the creation of the Zero Liquid Discharge concept..

What is Zero Liquid Discharge?

Zero Liquid Discharge is a wastewater treatment approach that aims to eliminate the discharge of liquid effluents into the environment. It encompasses a series of cutting-edge technologies and processes that not only purify wastewater but also recover valuable resources contained within it. The ultimate goal is to achieve a state where every drop of wastewater is converted into pure, reusable water and useful by-products.

Join us in the ZLD revolution for a cleaner, sustainable future. Let’s turn wastewater into pure water!

The ZLD Process

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is an advanced wastewater treatment process designed to eliminate the discharge of any liquid effluent, ensuring that all water is purified and valuable resources are recovered. The ZLD process typically involves multiple stages:

Pretreatment: Incoming wastewater undergoes initial treatment to remove large solids, oils, and other contaminants.

Advanced Filtration: Wastewater is subjected to advanced filtration methods like microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis to remove dissolved impurities and smaller particles.

Concentration: The concentrated brine left from filtration is processed to extract valuable minerals and salts.

Crystallization: The concentrated brine undergoes crystallization, forming valuable solid crystals.

Evaporation: The remaining liquid is evaporated, leaving behind the solid by-products.

By-Product Recovery: Valuable solid by-products, such as salts and minerals, are recovered and can be used in various industries.

Water Purification: The water obtained after evaporation is further purified to meet quality standards for safe discharge or reuse.

ZLD is an environmentally friendly solution that minimizes pollution, conserves water, and recovers valuable resources, making it a key player in sustainable wastewater management.

zero liquid discharge

Join us in the ZLD revolution for a cleaner, sustainable future. Let’s turn wastewater into pure water!

Environmental Benefits of ZLD

The journey from wastewater to pure water through ZLD yields several significant environmental benefits:

Pollution Prevention: ZLD eliminates the discharge of harmful effluents into natural water bodies, preventing water pollution and its adverse effects on ecosystems.

Resource Recovery: Valuable resources, such as minerals and salts, are recovered and can be used in various industries, reducing the demand for new resource extraction.

Reduced Water Stress: By reusing treated water, ZLD helps in conserving freshwater resources and alleviates the stress on natural water sources.

Energy Efficiency: ZLD systems are designed to minimize energy consumption through innovative technologies like energy recovery devices and process optimization.

Sustainable Industrial Practices: Industries that implement ZLD contribute to a cleaner environment and demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices.

Our Method

SCALEBAN is a technology-driven company that offers eco-friendly solutions to various industries with the goal of enhancing zero liquid discharge and water conservation efforts, all while reducing the reliance on costly traditional methods like Reverse Osmosis and Evaporators. These conventional techniques often involve significant initial and operational expenses.

Recognizing the demand for innovative approaches, Scaleban introduced groundbreaking technology in 1999 to tackle the water treatment challenges faced in India.

The primary aim of Scaleban technology is to deliver sustainable and cost-efficient water treatment solutions to a wide range of industries without heavy dependence on conventional technologies like Wastewater RO and MEE, that consume large amounts of energy and steam, contributing to very high carbon emissions and environmental issues. Instead, the company promotes the direct use of ETP treated wastewater in cooling towers as a substitute for freshwater, all while ensuring optimal plant performance. This strategy allows for the sustainable optimization of the water treatment process.

 ZLD: Transforming Wastewater into Pure Water for Sustainable Futures

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technology has emerged as a beacon of hope for environmental sustainability and achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 6 and 13. ZLD takes wastewater from various sources, treats it meticulously, and recovers almost 100% of the water, leaving behind minimal waste. This not only conserves our precious water resources (SDG 6) but also reduces the harmful impact of wastewater on the environment. By mitigating pollution and recycling water, ZLD contributes to mitigating climate change (SDG 13) and promoting a cleaner, greener planet. ZLD exemplifies the potential for innovative solutions to address global challenges and create a more sustainable future.


The journey from pure water to wastewater, driven by the Zero Liquid Discharge concept, Scaleban helps in representing a beacon of hope for environmental sustainability. By eliminating liquid effluent discharge, recovering valuable resources, and reducing pollution, ZLD stands as a promising solution to the global water crisis and environmental degradation. As industries and communities embrace ZLD, Scaleban helps you move one step closer to a more sustainable and cleaner planet.