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5 Facts Why MEE Evaporator Can’t Compete with Scaleban Technology in 2024

The industrial landscape in India is constantly evolving, and wastewater treatment is no exception. Although MEE Evaporator has traditionally been relied upon for water recovery, increasingly stringent environmental regulations and a heightened emphasis on sustainability are propelling Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technology into prominence. In this blog, we delve into why ZLD with Scaleban is eclipsing MEE evaporator as the preferred choice for wastewater treatment in India in 2024.

What is Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)?

Zero Liquid Discharge is a wastewater treatment process that eliminates all liquid waste from a system, leaving behind only solid waste and purified water. This revolutionary approach ensures that no effluent is discharged into the environment, thereby preventing pollution and conserving water resources. ZLD systems consist of a combination of techniques such as reverse osmosis, crystallisation, evaporation, and other advanced processes to achieve near-complete water recovery.

5 Key Facts of ZLD with Scaleban

1. Environmental Impact: One of the primary reasons why ZLD is gaining traction over MEE is its superior environmental impact. While (Multi Effect Evaporator) MEE systems rely on evaporation to reduce wastewater volume, they still produce concentrated brine as a byproduct, which requires disposal or further treatment. In contrast, Zero Liquid Discharge with Scaleban Technology guarantees that no liquid waste is released into the environment, thereby minimising harm to ecosystems and adhering to strict environmental standards.

2. Water Conservation: In a water-stressed country such as India, preserving water is essential. The operation of an MEE evaporator requires substantial water consumption, which can worsen the existing water scarcity challenges. Conversely, ZLD with Scaleban enables systems to use treated wastewater and reuse almost all of the wastewater within cooling towers, eliminating freshwater intake and reducing the burden on local water sources.

3. Cost Efficiency: Although a MEE evaporator might appear cost-effective at first view, their operational and maintenance expenses can increase rapidly. The need for constant monitoring, energy-intensive operations, and disposal of concentrated brine adds up over time. Zero Liquid Discharge with Scaleban, requires only 20-25% CAPEX & OPEX investment of the total project cost in comparison to MEE and offers long-term cost savings through reduced water consumption, negligible energy requirements, and less waste disposal expenses.

Upgrade your wastewater treatment to ZLD technology for superior environmental impact, leaving MEE evaporator behind!

4. Scalability and Flexibility:  Scaleban Technology demonstrates high scalability and versatility, suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. Scaleban technology can customize to meet specific requirements for reusing treated wastewater from pharmaceuticals, textiles, or power plants. This flexibility makes it a flexible solution for industries of all sizes and sectors, providing consistent and reliable wastewater treatment performance.

5. Regulatory Compliance: Due to the stricter environmental regulations and discharge limits, industries are facing high pressure to ensure compliance. MEE evaporators, while effective in reducing wastewater volume, may struggle to meet the evolving regulatory requirements.

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Using ZLD Technology in India: Insights from Scaleban Technology

Scaleban Technology, a leading provider of ZLD solutions in India, underscores the transformative impact of ZLD technology on industrial wastewater management.

Key Points:

Scalability: Scaleban’s ZLD solutions are scalable, catering to the needs of both small-scale and large-scale industries across various sectors, including textile, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing.

Customization: Scaleban technology crafts each zero liquid discharge system individually tailored to tackle the specific wastewater obstacles encountered across diverse industries, guaranteeing peak efficiency and adherence to regulatory norms.

Energy Efficiency: Scaleban technology prioritises energy optimization and seamless process integration, reducing energy usage and operational expenses while enhancing resource recovery and environmental sustainability.

Upgrade your wastewater treatment to ZLD technology for superior environmental impact, leaving MEE evaporator behind!

Wrap up!

In conclusion, as the industrial landscape evolves, embracing ZLD with Scaleban technology becomes imperative for achieving sustainable wastewater management practices. With its environmental benefits, regulatory compliance assurance, resource efficiency, and versatility, ZLD with Scaleban stands as the superior choice over MEE evaporator in 2024 and beyond. Scaleban Technology exemplifies this transition, showcasing the transformative potential of ZLD solutions in addressing India’s wastewater challenges.